Japanese Makes

Japanese truck models are highly regarded for their superior performance and reliability. Renowned automobile manufacturers like Hino, Toyota, Nissan, and Isuzu are known for producing top-notch trucks that meet the diverse needs of businesses and individuals. Japanese truck models are also recognized for their durability and longevity, successfully withstanding the rigorous demands of heavy-duty usage. Whether for commercial purposes or personal use, Japanese truck models offer a wide range of options to meet the specific requirements of customers.

Moore Truck Parts supplies parts for all Japanese models including:

ā€¢ Daihatsu
DH92 ā€“ DELTA (1985-5/1999), DH93 ā€“ DELTA (5/1999-7/1999), DH94 ā€“ DELTA (7/1999-2010)

ā€¢ Hino
HI90 – FD/FF/FG (1982-1991), HI95 ā€“ DOLPHN (1984-1993), HI96 ā€“ SUPER DOLPHIN (1993-2003), HI700 ā€“ FS700/FY700 (2004-2018), HI97 – FLEETER/MERLIN (1985-1997), HI92 (Early) ā€“ RANGER (1996-2002), HI92 (Late) ā€“ RANGER (1996-2002), HI98 ā€“ FB/FC (1996-2002), HI93 ā€“ RANGER PRO (2003-2003), HI500 ā€“ FC/FD/FE (2017-ON), HI501 ā€“ EURO 5 (2017-ON), TY69 ā€“ DUTRO (2000-2011), HI300 ā€“ DUTRO 300 SERIES (10/2011-ON)

ā€¢ Isuzu
IS82 ā€“ NPR/NKR (1985-1994), IS83 ā€“ NPR/NQR/NPS/NKR (1994-7/2005), IS84 – NPR/NQR/NPS/NKR (12/2004-2008), IS85 ā€“ NPR/NPS/NQR/NNR 4X4/NLR/NLS/NMR (2008-ON), IS95 ā€“ FSR/FTR/FRR/FVR/FVM/FVZ (1986-1996), IS96 ā€“ FVR/FTR/FVM/FVD/GVD/FRR/FSR/FTS (1996-2007), IS97 ā€“ FRR/FSR/FTR/FSD/FRD/FSS 4X4 (15/2007-ON), IS98 – FVD/FVR/FTR/FVR/FVY/FVM
/FVL/FXY/FXZ/FTS 4X4 4WD (12/2007-ON), ISJ2 – CXY/CXZ/EXY/EXD (1994 ā€“ 2007)

ā€¢ Mazda
MZ96 ā€“ T SERIES (1981-1989), MZ97 ā€“ T SERIES (1989-2000), MZ98 ā€“ T4600 (2000-ON)

ā€¢ Mitsubishi/Fuso
MB82 ā€“ FE3/FE4 (5/1986-8/1995), MB83 ā€“ FE5/FE6 (9/1995-2005), MB84 ā€“ FE7/FE8 (2005-2011), MB85 ā€“ FEA/FEB/FGB 4X4 (06/2011-ON), MB95 ā€“ FK/FM (1985-1996), MB98 ā€“ FK/FM/FN (1996-2008), MB99 ā€“ FK/FM/FN (2008-ON), MB96 ā€“ FK/FM/FN (2008-ON), MBJ5 ā€“ FS/FP/FV (1998-2011), MBJ6 – FS/FP/FV (2011-ON), MBJ7 ā€“ SHOGUN (2019-ON)

ā€¢ Nissan/UD
DTY1 ā€“ MK/LK/PK (10/1998-2011), DTY2 ā€“ MK/LK/PK (9/2011-ON), DT98 ā€“ CP/CM/CW (1984-1995), DTJ5 ā€“ MK ATLAS (1994-2005), DTJ7 ā€“ CW/CK/CG (1984-1990), DTJ8 ā€“ CW/CK/CG ā€“ (1991-2002), DTJ9 ā€“ CW/CK2 (2002-4/2008), DTJ10 ā€“ QUON GW (2007-2016)

ā€¢ Toyota
TY66 ā€“ DYNA (1984-1995), TY67 ā€“ DYNA (1995-9/2001), TY66 ā€“ DYNA (2001-ON), TY75 ā€“ COASTER (1983-ON)

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